The first Amendment promises several freedoms: religion, speech, press, assembly, and right to petition.  All of these are under dire threat.  Freedom OF religion implies freedom FROM religion yet the Christian Religion attempts to imposes its rules on non-Christians.  Some general rules of society are similar to Christian beliefs but most aren't.  They are simply made up to protect someone's ego.  What possible threat or concern is it to a Christian who some other person has sex with or turns to for support and comfort?  Christian conservatives impose their objections to abortion on members of society who do not believe the same way then refuse to accept and adopt education models proven to reduce unwanted pregnancies in the first place.  (A side note: if a woman is punished for ending a pregnancy, the man who made her pregnant is, by definition, and accomplice and should receive the same punishment.)  Speech is not yet completely under attack but we do have sporadic incidents of people being assaulted for what they said.  The press however, is under a direct attack from conservatives lead by the current president elect.  This is probably the number one threat to "domestic Tranquility".  As the press is subdued, the attacks on the remaining freedoms will go undocumented.  We must fight with all means possible the attempt to subdue journalists.  We must be prepared to intervene in their arrests for bogus charges, attacks on them from government officials, and lies about them intended to incite anger and hatred.  Journalists from all angles including the White Supremacists need to be protected.  Untruthful and hateful writing needs to be debated and hopefully debunked.  Assembly is under graphic attack in Standing Rock.  Authorities are violating state and federal laws by blocking roads and attacking those who try to remove the obstruction. 

The infamous second amendment is well known.  Here, I may disagree with other Liberals.  I defend the right for RESPONSIBLE citizens to own and carry firearms.  I would even say the dog-scum terrorizing the Middle East and Africa is a good example of the need for a right to carry firearms.  Would a few hoodlums invade a house under the guise of a religion if they knew the house had several firearms and people capable of using them?  Would a king order the beheading of 47 people who disagreed with him if the families of the 47 people were heavily armed?  MAD just might work on a local basis as well as for nuclear-tipped countries.  That said, certain people demonstrate the lack of mental stability to own a firearm.  Domestic abusers come to mind.  (As for the terrorist watch list - it would not make it through the first court challenge if it took away a constitutional right.  It could probably be challenged based on making it hard to get a flight but would be hard to justify.)  A map of county voting with the Republican counties in red and Democratic counties in blue had the line "The people in the blue want a revolution, the people in the red own 95% of the guns.  How's this going to go?"  The facts may be inaccurate but it shows the conservatives are willing to kill unarmed liberals who want to change the government.  Liberals may want to purchase a collection of firearms for varying self-defense situations.

The third amendment prevents the government from housing soldiers in your house.  I haven't heard much about this being a problem.

The fourth protects against unreasonable search and seizure.  How does stopping and searching a person for walking down a street not violate the 4th amendment?  Why is a person with a lot of skin coloration driving a nice car a defacto suspect?  How many drug raids based on a single lead have turned up empty?  (Hint: one cop was quoted as saying 50/50.)  Then we get into the wholesale collection of private communication data...

The fifth amendment is well known as preventing a person from testifying against themselves.  It seems fairly solid although some attacks are surely out there - mostly in the form of police statements taken during an investigation but before an arrest where the person did not have a lawyer present and the statements were later used against the person.

The sixth amendment promises a fair and speedy trial, requires legal representation.  We see multiple examples of people held for days or weeks without a trial or hearing to set a bond.  Lawyers are appointed but not able to review a case for weeks then only allowed a few minutes to present the case to a judge.  Much of this is blamed on lack of resources.  If such is the case, the people of the US need to provide the resources to uphold the promises they made to their fellow citizens. 

The seventh amendment guaranties the right to a jury trial in civil cases.  ???

The eighth amendment limits bond amounts and protects against cruel and unusual punishment.  We need to reconsider the punishments given to minor offenders - particularly involving the use of drugs. 

Amendments nine and ten deal with rights not explicitly given and rights to states.  The complaints on these get detailed and will take some research.

The first ten amendments round out the Bill Of Rights.  Some others of note are discussed below.

The thirteenth amendment prohibits slavery and indebted servitude except in the case of punishment for a crime.  Given the propensity to use private companies to run and profit from prisons, allowing slavery in prisons seems to beg abuse.  More practically, if a goal of a prison sentence is to reform the prisoner, making them proud of their contributions is a good place to start.  A fair compensation for their work will help a great deal.  AltRadLeft would like to see this amendment reviewed and modified to remove the exception.

The fourteenth amendment gives former slaves citizenship and guarantees equal protection under the law.  Evidence on crime punishments point a strong finger to discrepancies between the severity of punishments handed out based on the amount of skin pigmentation the accused has.

The fifteenth allows all persons regardless of skin pigmentation the right to vote.  The right to vote has been under constant attack. 

The nineteenth amendment gives women the right to vote.  The attacks on voting seem geared toward poor and skin color rather than gender.

The remaining amendments are important but don't seem to be threatening our freedoms as much as the attacks on the ones listed.  Feel free to add insights.

Yes, AltRadLeft would love to see a court uphold the constitution.