The basis of a strong Alt-Radical Left foreign policy is to kill as few people as possible.  The last attack on the United States by a foreign entity was in 2001 and it killed about 3,000 people.  Between Afghanistan, Iraq, and various drone strikes around the Middle East, the US has killed several hundred thousand people.  We're even.  We can quit now.  If Russia wants to step in and start killing people, let the terrorists target Russia.  It's easier to get to.  The United States has to get out of regional violent conflicts.  At present, these mostly exist in the Middle East and Africa.  More on them later...

The United States is entering a different era of super-power status.  We are still the dominate country and will continue to be for the century and beyond; but we will not be as strong in relation to other countries and regions.  China will be the most pressing.  They have 1.3 billion smart and creative people busting at the seems to get ahead.  The Communist Party is holding them back.  Let them have freedom of information and economics and they will become a force to challenge the US.  Managed well it could be the greatest rivalry the world has ever seen and prompt both countries to excel.  Managed poorly, it could be the greatest tragedy the world has ever seen.  India will grow but their entrenched class system will hold back half the population and keep the other half busy worrying about the first half.  Japan had a chance to become dominate in the 80's but their lack of creativity keeps them from doing any more than being efficient and high-quality.  Russia will be a thorn based on the whims of whoever is in power but has never shown itself as a technological, economical, of social leader.  Take nuclear weapons out of the picture and they have nothing.  Europe is hard to call at this point.  If it stays together, it will continue to be a dominate force.  If it falls apart - who knows?  Central and South America are a collection of corrupt governments and gangs.  Australia is cool but not really much of anything else.

US foreign policy needs to recognize we are powerful and influential but we need a sense of humbleness.  We are not all-powerful.  We have significant limits to what we can push and force on the rest of the world.  We may be the elephant in the room but we've got some gorillas, lions, hyenas. and bees all in the room with us.  It's going to be hard to keep track of all of them.

Foreign Policy Overview