I cannot for the life of me figure out why people who call themselves Christians are so against providing people with access to a doctor.  Didn't Jesus let some guys cut a hole in the roof to get their friend access to someone who could help him?

First the basic numbers.  US citizens spend about $3T a year in health care.  ALL OF THAT MONEY IS PAID FOR BY ALL OF US!  The federal government directly pays about 50%  of it.  Private insurance pays about 30% but almost all of that is provided by employers so we have to pay more for our goods and services to cover the cost.  The remaining 20% is directly paid but much of that is inflated pricing.  Care providers regularly charge individuals 500% - 1,000% more than the government or insurance companies.  What is not paid is deducted from earnings to lower taxes or added to the charges we pay to cover the real losses. 

Some people claim we will bankrupt the country when all the sick and injured poor people flood into the system.  Where is this horde of sick and injured people waiting to bankrupt the country?  What are these people doing to treat their illnesses and injuries now?  Leaving aside the mo0ral argument of treating hordes of sick and injured people, the bankruptcy argument is logically absurd.  If we pay an additional few billion in health care to cover some people, that money will go to US citizens - the doctors and nurses caring for the people, the staff running the facilities, the managers presumably adding some value, and the owners of the facilities.  A small amount may go overseas in the form of purchasing equipment.  The money paid out will then get respent back into the economy.  The money isn't going anywhere.  As long as money stays in the economic system, the system can't go bankrupt.  You go bankrupt when money flows out of your system into someone else's.

All the Alt Radical Left wants is to make sure citizens can see a doctor. 

Health Care